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Program – Hima Farm



In these hard times, positive vibes and a positive attitude can make a difference. It is a time to detach from the speed of events in our lives and go back to our roots in an attempt to connect once more with the essence of life and find our way back to mother nature.

Under SPNL’s Hima (Arabic for community based protected areas) International Campaign, the Hima programs aim to develop a management plan for the Hima sites, helping to raise the quality of life of the local communities as well as connecting them with nature. The Hima, where humans live in harmony with their natural resources and with animals, is an ideal place for innovating and for promoting the health benefits of traditional agricultural products.

Here comes our Hima Farm programme:

• Working with local farmers on ensuring environmentally friendly production, sustainable use of natural resources in such a way that they are conserving their heritage and local quality products.
• SPNL is assisting the local farmers, planting and combining their traditional practices with certain innovative techniques. This creates a constant exchange of culture, traditions and “know-how” from village to village.
• We believe these practices valorize the health benefits of traditional foods, promoting their consumption with a promised level of quality.
• Hima Farms have key values: conserving nature, re-connecting people with nature, organic farming, permaculture, the sustainable use of resources, no child labor, no hunting, raising the capacity of the locals, providing jobs for both locals and refugees, conserving native plants and herbs, offering financial sustainability and also securing the involvement of youth and women due to their status as underprivileged groups.

• This program ensures cooperation with local farmers on a Sustainable Agriculture perspective (positive impact on the environment and guarantees healthy products), traditional production aiming at reviving and enhancing health and the environment.
We are working together for the Hima communities and for nature. Some “Hima Farm Heroes”, are working all over Lebanon, trying in these days to connect with their villages and finding the way to their souls. They are working in their homes and in Hima centers to sprout some seeds of hope in our beloved Lebanon.
Any kind of help will give them a push, whether it consists of cash donations, types of equipment, etc.
Therefore, we are launching the Hima Farm Champion certificate, for each person who is willing to be a donor from Lebanon or abroad. For that, you need to connect to a “Hima Farm Hero” and support him/her in any way possible. This donor will be a “Hima Farm Champion”: he or she is contributing to conserving nature, is connecting with our experts, with nature, and with all Lebanese communities. Helping our heroes is a way of helping the local communities in these days.

You can be a champion. One little move makes a big difference.
Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature. (Steve Maraboli)

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